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What is a Nutritionist and why do I need one?

A nutritionist is a qualified (graduated) specialist in proper nutrition who knows in depth both food and human physiology, as well as all sciences related to health prevention from a holistic point of view. Unlike medical professionals, it does not aim to diagnose or treat, does not reverse diagnoses or modify treatment prescribed by a doctor. A nutritionist is a consultant on a healthy lifestyle.

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My approach

I help people learn how to eat properly. It all starts first with the change inside us and then in the outside. It is very easy to tell you how to lose weight in a month or two. It is much more difficult to learn what to put on your plate by sitting down at the table, thereby improving your quality of life. Many diseases can be controlled with proper nutrition. Medicine and food science go hand in hand. My approach is to work together, to understand your needs and requirements, to find solutions to problems, approaching in the most responsible way.

Actual results

Many people expect quick results, the truth is that there is no exact formula to achieve specific results. This is because every organism is different and reacts in different ways. We can go on the basis of statistics, but my advice is: give yourself time! Work with persistence and persistence. Everything should be done willingly and easily. You set a goal and follow it. When you have persistence and knowledge, results are certain.

You have trouble finding nutritional balance

You are not alone. I’m here to help!

Nutrients provide nourishment. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water are nutrients. If people do not have the right balance of nutrients in their diet, the risk of developing certain health conditions increases.
Optimal health comes from the right balance of the three macronutrients!
That’s why it’s good to have a person with knowledge, a person who will be by your side and with you!
Let’s change your lifestyle and diet together…

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I thank Yana for her exceptional patience and attention. Great person and professional. Helped me find myself again!

Виолета А.

Nowadays, we have so much information. Contradictory opinions about healthy eating. In my opinion, the most important thing is to find someone you can trust and find the balance together. Yana was able to motivate me and restore my self-confidence! A very positive and smiling person

Виктория К.

Thank you very much. Amazing life coach, she has changed my life not only on a nutrition pov but on a full scale.

Mary M.

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Before starting a diet plan, consult your doctor. The author is not a doctor and has no medical education.